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Frederick, MD 5 New Automotive Technologies that are Helpful

5 New Automotive Technologies that are Helpful

5 New Automotive Technologies that are Helpful

Cars have come a long way since they were first introduced in the late 1800s. They’re faster, smarter, and overall more efficient. The 21st century in particular introduced an abundance of technological advancements for cars. Here are some of them that make everyday driving a lot easier. 

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Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Does backing out of tight spaces in parking lots make you anxious? This new car feature is here to help. It’s specially designed to help you back out of spaces where you might have a difficult time seeing approaching traffic. If it detects a vehicle approaching, it will give off a warning light or sound. 

Blind Spot Indicator

As a licensed driver, you probably know where your blind spots are, and this technology is here to help them become not-so blind. It alerts you, using a sound, symbol, or vibration, to let you know if there is a vehicle located in your blind spot. The only downside to this technology is that it may not detect motorcycles or other fast-moving vehicles. 

Stay-In-Lane Support

As the name suggests, this helps you stay in your lane while driving. It will return you to your lane by correcting the steering, braking, acceleration, or a combination of those things.  It can help you avoid crashes such as rollovers and side sweeps. 

Parking Assist 

Don’t know how to parallel park or oftentimes struggle with it? This is the technology for you. After shifting into reverse gear, it will steer the car into a spot with minimal effort from you. No more crooked parking! 

360 Degree Camera 

Navigating through tight spots has never been easier with the help of a 360-degree camera system. The system uses 4 wide-angle lenses located around the perimeter of the vehicle. It updates in real-time so you’ll always know what’s in your immediate surroundings. 

Ready to Have These Features Installed?

If you have a vehicle that doesn’t have either of these features, it’s time to reach out to Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions to have them installed for you. As a Frederick, MD auto repair shop, we’re certified to help you with all of your car needs. If you currently have any of these features and they aren’t working properly, we can help you with that too. Don’t wait any longer. Get with the times and contact us today to get these wonderful features installed!