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Clutch Repair & Service

Clutch Repair & Service

Maintain a healthy performing vehicle with clutch repair and service from Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions.

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Frederick, MD Clutch Repair & Service

Complete Clutch Repair and Service in Frederick

Your transmission’s clutch is considered a wear part; which means it is expected to eventually wear down. Now, we like to avoid replacing the clutch when possible and opt for repairing and servicing the clutch. That said, there are plenty of times when it makes more economical sense to replace your clutch. And when it comes to transmissions services in Frederick, Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions is here to help.

How Can I Tell if my Clutch is Going Bad?

Without years of experience, the vibrations, noises, and other uncommon things your car is doing can be hard to diagnose. So determining if your clutch is in need of replacement is best left to your Frederick, MD clutch repair service. But to help you in identifying what could be the issues, here are the most common signs your clutch is going bad:

  • Clutch is Slipping. Your clutch has a built in gripping material which over time will wear off. This will be accompanied by your vehicle having no acceleration even though it was or has been in gear. The clutch essentially slips out of gear.
  • Low Rumbling Noise. If you have a low rumbling noise which goes away when the clutch is pressed you’re probably in need of a clutch repair. Your release bearings or dual mass flywheel could be to blame.
  • Clutch is Wobbly. Sometimes, your clutch could have fluid which makes its way to the face of the clutch that causes it to be slippery. This can lead to major issues as well as making it difficult to drive.
  • Clutch Won’t Release. If your clutch is stuck and won’t release (which can be due to a variety of issues) you could be stuck in a certain gear or not be able to engage in any gears. Either way you’ll be in need of repair.
  • Clutch Pedal Offers Improper Response. If your clutch and vehicle are running fine, but the clutch pedal itself isn’t offering a proper response to you pushing down on the pedal, your clutch could be to blame. More likely, your clutch cable needs to be inspected, but either way you’ll need repair.

How Long Should my Clutch Last?

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Your clutch can go bad after normal driving conditions at any point after about 35,000 miles. We commonly see people with clutch issues at around 60,000 miles but it all depends. For example, a truck which is commonly used for towing a camper or some other large load could be in the shop as early as 35,000 miles with a clutch issue. So, as a general rule of thumb, we tell people clutches can last on average 60,000 miles for the average driver; with newer vehicle clutches lasting upwards of 100,000 miles.

So, if your vehicle’s clutch is nearing the end of its life, and is not repairable, it’s best to consider a Frederick, MD clutch replacement.

The Trusted Transmission Replacement Service since 1968

Since opening up our first transmission shop in 1968, Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions has focused on delivering the highest quality transmission repair services in Frederick, MD and surrounding areas. A major part of our service is the repair, service, and replacement of clutches. So if your clutch is acting up, and it’s time to have it repaired or replaced, then give Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions a call today!

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We’re locally owned and operated. No franchise here. And this is something we are extremely proud of. The money you spend with us going back into the Frederick, MD community. You see we don’t have to pay yearly franchising fees which end up in another state; and we can pass these savings along to you!

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