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Frederick, MD Car Maintenance Saves Money

Car Maintenance Saves Money

Car Maintenance Saves Money

Car maintenance saves money for you and your family.

Why is car maintenance important? It is a  question we get asked often.

How can I save money on car repairs?

Or maybe, why are car repairs are so expensive?

My answer, by keeping up with your car maintenance items you can save hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars on auto repairs.

Did you know, cars that are not maintained can be dangerous, to you and others. Poorly maintained vehicles cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in car accidents. Poor car maintenance is also is reason for those pesky failed emissions tests, engine repairs or engine replacement.  A poorly maintained vehicle will also reduce the life span of your vehicles longevity. I often hear people complain that as soon as they made their last car payment they have to buy a new car. In most cases, this is  likely due to poor car maintenance.

What car maintenance items do I need to do? Here are a few car maintenance items but not all, to to get you on the right path….


First place to begin is with an Oil Change! Oil Changes can be the most effective cost saving car maintenance item that you can do for yourself and your car. By keeping your oil changes up to date and consistent you can help prevent engine damage, a clogged filter, and dirt from entering your engine. Oil changes help keep your engine lubricated to prevent friction and help keep your engine running clean, safe and efficiently.


Keeping your brake pads and brake fluids clean with a brake flush will go a long way in saving money. Changing your brake pads and brake fluid will help keep debris and erosion out of your brake lines and will help your brake rotors last longer and most of us know….. that brake rotors can be expensive!


I hate it when it starts to rain and my wipers do nothing but smear dirt, grime and dead bugs across my windshield. This is usually when I discover I am out of wiper fluid. Never fails! Keeping your wiper blades clean and replacing regularly can increase visibility thus preventing accidents.


Gas is so expensive these days sometimes it seems like you are always pulling into the gas station and filling your car up, again.  Your air filter, when clean and maintained, can help increase mileage and save gas! Simple and inexpensive to do. In fact, replacing the air filter is something anyone can do on their own!


Have your fluids checked at every oil change. Make sure all fluids are full and clean. Dirty brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant fluid, power steering fluid, differential fluid, transfer case fluid can all cause your car to break down, run rough, cost money in fuel, and that is right…. you guessed it, high auto repair costs.

Do yourself and your vehicle a favor. Keep up with those manufactured recommended auto maintenance items. It will help you have longer life from your vehicle. Help save money on expensive auto repairs and more importantly help keep you and your loved safe. And remember, Car Maintenance Saves Money!