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How to Tell What Your Check Engine Light Means

How to Tell What Your Check Engine Light Means

The dreaded check engine light – it’s a familiar sight for many drivers and often a source of anxiety. While seeing the light illuminate on your dashboard can be concerning, it’s essential to understand that it serves as an early warning system, alerting you to potential issues with your vehicle’s engine or emissions systems. In […]

What to Do When Your Car’s Heating Stops Working

What to Do When Your Car's Heating Stops Working

As the temperature drops and winter sets in, a functioning car heater becomes essential for comfort and safety during your drives. When your car’s heating system suddenly stops working, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Check out the common causes of heating system issues and read our step-by-step guide on what to do when your […]

5 Sounds You Never Want Your Car to Make

distressed motorist behind the wheel

Cars are intricate machines with various components working together seamlessly to provide a smooth and safe driving experience. However, sometimes these components can develop issues, resulting in unusual and concerning sounds. It’s essential for any car owner to recognize these sounds promptly to prevent potentially costly repairs or, more importantly, ensure safety on the road. […]

Is Your Car Burning Oil? How to Know and What to Do

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Burning oil is a common problem that almost all automobiles face, even new ones. However, if you ignore it, it can cause expensive and irreplaceable damage to your car over time. The average vehicle has somewhere between five and eight quarts of oil at all times, and every quart is crucial for lubricating important parts […]

Why Is My Car’s A/C Blowing Warm Air?

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Nothing is more uncomfortable than riding around town in a car with a broken A/C. The air conditioning system is one of the most complex systems in the vehicle. There can be several causes for your air conditioning system blowing warm air. Take a look at these common causes. Refrigerant Leak A refrigerant leak is […]

When Should My Shocks and Struts be Replaced

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Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are an integral part of its suspension system. They’re responsible for keeping your vehicle balanced and connected to the road when driving. Although shocks and struts are reliable air suspension parts, like most things, they will need to be replaced with time. Here’s what you need to know about your […]

Why to Take the Check Engine Light Seriously

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Whenever the check engine light comes on, drivers have come to expect an expensive repair. Since they expect an expensive repair, they tend to ignore the light until they can’t ignore it anymore. Even if your vehicle is driving like normal, you still shouldn’t ignore your check engine light. Here’s why: Possibly a Minor Issue […]

When is it Recommended to Change My Car Battery?

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The best time to replace your battery is before you need to. The truth is that there is not a specific time frame when you should replace your car’s battery. That’s because a car battery’s lifespan depends on things like time, heat, and vibration. You will know when it’s time to have your car battery […]

What Does it Mean to Resurface Brake Rotors?

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Brake rotors don’t last forever. They wear down a little bit every time the brake pedal is applied. However, the rate at which your brake rotors wear out depends on a variety of factors like quality of materials, driving styles, and exposure to moisture and road salt. Once your brake rotors are worn down, you […]

What are the Symptoms of Bad Wheel Bearings?


A wheel bearing is a crucial part of the wheel assembly that connects the wheel and the axle. It is a set of steel balls or tapers that are held together by a metal ring, called a “race”. These wheel bearings are prone to abuse, and your vehicle cannot properly function without these wheel bearings. […]