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Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Increase safety and visibility by getting professional headlight restoration from Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions.

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Frederick, MD Headlight Restoration

Restoring Your Headlights to Like-New Visibility

Have your headlights seen better days? Foggy headlights can be dangerous, so be sure to get them fixed promptly. Here’s at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions we offer a unique headlight restoration services in Frederick, MD and surrounding areas.

Why are My Headlights So Foggy?

Most vehicles today have a plastic acrylic lens instead of a glass lens cover. This acrylic lens is more prone to the adverse affects of salt, dirt, grime, and air which will oxidize inside the lens causing a yellowing or foggy appearance. Ultimately, there’s not much you can do to avoid this fogging aside from garage-keeping your vehicle as well as keeping it as clean as possible. If you do have foggy headlights, it’s best to bring your vehicle into your local Frederick, MD Auto mechanic right away to prevent unsafe driving conditions.

How Can I Fix my Foggy Headlights?

Most people like to use the home headlight restoration kits. This do-it-yourself approach works in the short term, but often times they can leave a grit or film and cause the fogginess to come back sooner. Home kits typically only last for about 6 months before having to do it again. These types of repairs are costing you time and money!


Have your Headlights Restored by a Professional Frederick Mechanic

Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions we have access to professional headlight restoration equipment and techniques. Our headlight restoration service can help your lens stay clearer longer providing you with better visibility. Our Frederick, MD headlight restoration service usually will last about 3 years, unless it is not garage kept and is typically in sun most of the time.

Call us for details on how we can help you see better in all kinds of weather and for night time driving.

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