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Tire Protection Plan

Tire Protection Plan

Protect your tires from the road with Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions’ tire protection plan.

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Tire Protection Plan

Extended Limited Warranty

Protect your tire investment against potholes, glass, nails, etc. Tire manufacturers have diminished or discontinued their “road hazard warranty” or coverage against blow outs, flats, or other failures not due to dealer’s defects in the tires. In order to better serve our customers, Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions offers this tire protection policy to help relieve the financial burden due to premature tire failure caused by many hazards facing today’s motorist.

This policy is optional on any tire mounted, balanced and installed by Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions. To obtain this one of a kind Frederick, MD tire protection plan, contact Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions today to discuss. This page helps to outline the policy, but for yours to be in effect you must contact us and sign an individualized agreement.

Coverage if Tire Fails Due to a Road Hazard Includes…

  • Free Flat Tire Repair *
  • Pro-rated replacement if tire cannot be repaired
  • FREE Remounting & rebalancing of the repaired or replaced tire *

* Service surcharge application on some Truck and Performance tires.

Details of Coverage

a) Any cut, impact or penetration on a tire which is deemed repairable by Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions will be repaired, remounted, and rebalanced by Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions at no cost to the customer.

b) Any cut, impact or penetration on a tire which is deemed by Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions to be unrepairable will be replaced, on a pro-rated basis, with a comparable tire (See under “miscellaneous”) No charge for remounting and rebalancing.

Amount of credit due customer is derived from multiplying the current Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions retail price by the percentage of usable tread wear remaining at time of adjustment.

Example: A tire with original tread dept of 12/32 inch has a usable tread life of 10/32 inch. (Tires are considered worn out at 2/32 inch, where tread wear indicators begin to show). A tire returned for adjustment with 7/32 inch average remaining tread would receive a 50% credit on a new tire.

c) Coverage ends when the tire is replaced or worn out (2/32 inch or less of tread remaining at any point on the tire). Policy is NOT TRANSFERABLE.

Policy Exclusions

a) Tires damaged due to improper inflation, overloading, an accident, misapplication, misuse, fire, and vandalism.

b) Tires damaged due to the mechanical condition of vehicle.

c) Tires used commercially, off road, for racing, or if showing signs of deliberate abuse.

d) Loss of property other than tire itself.

e) Consequential damages.

Your Responsibilities

a) Owner must present this policy and the damaged tire along with original invoice when seeking adjustment.

b) When replacement tire is received, owner must pay difference between selling price and amount of credit relieved for damaged tire. Any applicable taxes and/or additional services ordered must be paid for separately.

c) Any difference in tire prices due to replacement of damaged tire with a more expensive product must be paid by customer. If a less expensive tire is indicated, amount paid by customer will be reduced.

d) Any tire surrendered for credit will become the property of Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions.


A comparable tire may be the same brand and type, or in the event the tire is no longer available at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions, a tire of the same basic construction will be substituted. A Tire Protection Policy may be purchased for any replacement tire at a cost based upon the tire’s current retail price.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do no allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damage, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

NOTE: There is a $10.00 per tire service surcharge for dually truck tires, any tire weighting over 50 pounds or more, any tire with a rim diameter of 18″ or larger and any tire with an aspect ratio of 50 or less.

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