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Frederick, MD Why Do I Hear a Noise When I Brake?

Why Do I Hear a Noise When I Brake?

Why Do I Hear a Noise When I Brake?

If you hear a concerning noise whenever you brake, you may feel your heart sink with dread. There could be several reasons your brakes are making odd sounds—though not every situation is dire. Examining the sound carefully is an important part of keeping everything maintained and running smoothly. Read on to learn more about different brake noises, and see if your situation requires serious and urgent repairs.

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Mild Concerns

Strange noises don’t always have to mean your car is completely falling apart. For instance, a rattling noise usually originates from heat expansion of your brake pads. Some brake pads can be installed without anti-rattle shims, making for an annoying noise every time you hit the brakes. This shouldn’t occur all the time though, so if it does, get your brakes checked out.

Squealing after a Frederick, MD brake service is also normal, and doesn’t indicate a poor job on your mechanic’s part. In fact, the squealing is a residue on the surface of the brakes which must wear off. It’s kind of like brand new shoes making a squeaking noise until they are fully worn-in. The sound should stop after a few days—if it does not, bring your vehicle back in to your mechanic.

If you hear a mix of grinding and squealing after a long rainstorm, this is a common noise which should go away after a few minutes. Excess rain on your brakes can cause the smallest amount of rust to form which will disappear and the problem should be solved.

Moderate Concerns

A squealing noise when coming to a stop commonly indicates your brake pads are failing and need to be replaced. This doesn’t have to be addressed immediately, but if you let this problem persist, it can have dire and dangerous consequences.

Brake fading is a condition that involves less braking power the more you press down on the pedal. It occurs whenever your brakes get overheated. You can help alleviate this problem by frequently pulling over to let the brakes cool, until you can get your car into your local Frederick, MD repair shop.

Extreme Concerns

The sound that should cause you the biggest concern is a loud grinding noise. This means the rotor disc is coming into contact with part of the caliper. The result can be extensive, expensive damage. Another possibility could be that an object is lodged in between your rotor and brakes. Regardless, any form of grinding needs to be looked at immediately by your local brake service in Frederick, MD to ensure your safety.

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Never ignore the warning signs your car is giving you. Even if you think your brake noises are mild and not a cause for concern, it’s possible this problem could be something drastic. Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions is the best place in Frederick to get your car checked out for any potential issues include brake services. Schedule an appointment online with us today, or call us at 301-662-5100.