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Frederick, MD How Important is Air Pressure in My Tires When Traveling?

How Important is Air Pressure in My Tires When Traveling?

How Important is Air Pressure in My Tires When Traveling?

How often do you actually check the air pressure in your tires to make sure they are inflated properly? Some newer vehicles allow you to see the pressure level of each tire on the electronic dashboard or monitor, but we know it can seem like a time-consuming task to manually check each tire with a gauge and make a trip to the gas station to fill them each time they get low.

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Most people wait until their regular vehicle maintenance check-up and let the tire repair professionals worry about it. But if you don’t have a maintenance appointment scheduled for before you head off on your summer road trips and travels, it’s important to understand the potential issues your vehicle could face and the preventative maintenance you can do to keep those issues from occurring.

What Problems Can Low Tire Pressure Cause?

The air pressure in your vehicle’s tires is important whenever you drive, but especially so when you are traveling long distances. The closer your tires stick to their ideal pressure level, the safer your vehicle will be to operate. Low tire pressure can have a negative effect on braking distance and make steering less responsive or more difficult to control. Additionally, driving on tires with low pressure levels lead to excessive flexing of their sidewalls, which generates heat and, in turn, accelerates tread wear.

Tire Inflation Tips

Some of the ways you can keep your tires in healthy shape while traveling this season are by following these helpful tips:

  • Keep a hand-held tire pressure gauge in your vehicle at all times and check the pressure of each tire before heading out on long drives.
  • Reference the tire’s inflation pressures recommended by your vehicle manufacturer rather than the pressure levels molded into the sidewall of each tire.
  • When your tires are hot, you may notice an increased pressure reading (roughly 2-5psi higher than normal). To get an accurate reading, wait until they have cooled down a bit before checking each tire.
  • Follow manufacturers’ recommendations regarding increasing tire pressure when traveling for extended periods of time on highways, or when you are towing or carrying heavy loads with your vehicle.
  • Check tire pressures regularly depending on how often and how far you drive. For frequent drivers, checking the pressure of each tire once a week is best. Those who do not drive their vehicles as often can get away with testing pressure levels once a month.

Looking for Tire Repair in Frederick, MD?

The experts at Ken’s Automotive & Transmission have over 50 years of experience in the auto repair and maintenance industry. We offer a wide range of vehicle services and are always available to offer helpful advice and maintenance tips to keep you safe on the road, whether you’re traveling across the country or taking a quick drive to the store. Contact us to schedule your appointment for tire repair in Frederick today!