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Frederick, MD Keeping Your Commercial Truck Fleet in Top Shape

Keeping Your Commercial Truck Fleet in Top Shape

Keeping Your Commercial Truck Fleet in Top Shape

Your commercial trucks are an important part of your business. They help you make deliveries, drop off passengers, carry supplies, and much more. Since they are an essential part of your business, you always want to make sure that they’re in tip-top shape. Check out these tips for keeping your commercial truck fleet in tip-top shape.

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Spec Vehicles Properly

It’s important that you know the demands each truck will face. Take the time to outline vehicle usage since properly spec’d trucks can reduce costs in the long run. That’s because since you’re following the specs of the truck, you can follow its maintenance schedule to do preventative maintenance. Keeping an accurate and detailed overview of the truck’s usage will help you not overpay for repairs when it’s time for a preventative maintenance service.

Communicate Company Policy With Drivers

Make sure that all drivers are aware of their responsibilities and company vehicle use policies. These policies should touch on PM schedules, maintenance policies, and what to do when the truck needs repair or is involved in an accident. Well-informed and defensive drivers will help ensure that your commercial truck fleet will last for years and help with your bottom line.

Regularly Check Tire Pressure

Most of us know that a properly inflated tire is important for all vehicles. But, it’s especially important for commercial trucks. Tire pressure affects vehicle handling, tire wear, and fuel mileage. All of these things contribute to vehicle and driver safety. So be sure to instill the importance of checking and maintaining tire pressure with your drivers.

Pay Attention to Your Total Cost of Ownership

When you have commercial vehicles, you need to keep track of how much it’s costing your business to own the vehicle. Knowing the total cost of ownership (TCO) will help your business make the best financial decisions. Additionally, take the time to understand the manufacturer’s warranty coverage and how it impacts the total cost of ownership. Lastly, understand the residual value of all your commercial trucks, trends in the used vehicle market, and the best time to sell the vehicle for a cost-effective fleet.

Do Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance includes oil changes, tire inspections, tire rotations, and general inspections. Ensuring that each of your commercial trucks keeps up with its preventative maintenance schedule will help minimize downtime and prevent untimely repairs. Consider outsourcing maintenance management to a fleet vehicle maintenance provider if you want the most accurate data and a well-maintained fleet.

We Help Maintain Commercial Truck Fleets

Let the experts at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions maintain your commercial truck fleet. With 50+ years of five-star auto repair service, we guarantee you’ll get the most out of your commercial fleet when you work with us. Give us a call today at (301) 662-5100 to get started.