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371 W. Patrick St. | Frederick, MD 21701

Frederick, MD Ready for Holiday Travel?

Ready for Holiday Travel?

Ready for Holiday Travel?

This year has been unlike any other. We were forced to alter our lives, social distance, and put our travel plans on hold. While many people are opting to stay home during the holidays, some are choosing to get on the road and travel. If you are planning on traveling during the holidays, and are traveling by car, make sure your car is prepared for the road ahead by doing some of these things beforehand.

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Inspect Lights

Your Christmas lights aren’t the only lights you should pay attention to during the holidays. Before traveling via car, take a look to see if all the lights are working properly. Don’t just check the headlights, also check:

  • Tail Lights
  • Blinkers
  • Brake lights
  • License plate lights

Check Fluids

Before leaving for your trip, make sure that your vehicle fluids are topped off. Has it been a while since you had your oil changed? All your vehicle’s fluids are vital to the operation of your car’s systems. They should be changed routinely to keep debris and dirty fluid from damaging your car. Routine flushes help promote longevity and performance of your vehicle’s lifespan.

  • Brake fluid
  • Motor oil
  • Coolant
  • Transmission fluid
  • Power-steering fluid

Additionally, check for any fluid leaks. If your car is leaking fluid, something is wrong. Do not ignore it; instead, bring your vehicle into a Frederick, MD auto repair shop so that a mechanic can identify and fix the problem.

Pay Attention to Your Tires

Your tires are what ultimately get you from point A to point B. During the winter, driving conditions are usually less than favorable, the roads may be covered by snow, ice and/or sleet. If you are driving for hours on tires that are worn out or underinflated, it can become dangerous. To avoid possible accidents from occurring, be sure to check your tires for any signs of wear and tear, damage, nicks and under or over-inflated tires. Do you have your Snow Tires installed? Snow Tires can help your vehicle to keep traction on the roads, this will also give you an added peace of mind.

Check Your Wipers

Your car’s windshield wipers are not the first thing you think of when it comes to preparing your vehicle for a trip, but they are still important. They help keep your windshield free of weather conditions and debris during inclement weather. Before leaving, make sure they are doing their job efficiently. If they are not performing well by leaving streaks and hindering your visibility, then it is time to have them replaced.

Bring Your Car Into Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions

Before embarking on your holiday travel, bring your car into Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions. Our professional technicians can perform preventative maintenance and ensure that your car is ready for the road ahead. Does your car need some repairs before you leave? Do not worry. We can help with that too. Give us a call or click here to schedule your appointment.