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Frederick, MD Regular Maintenance Keeps Auto Repair Costs Low  

Regular Maintenance Keeps Auto Repair Costs Low  

Regular Maintenance Keeps Auto Repair Costs Low  

Keeping your car in great shape is not only the practical and safe thing to do, it can save you money. Routine maintenance can prevent larger repairs and keep those repair costs lower. Here’s a look at regular maintenance that should be addressed on your vehicle.

Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Oil Changes maintenance

One of the easiest ways to keep your car lasting longer is maintain clean oil in your car. Your motor oil should be changed every 3,000 – 6,000 miles. If your oil is very dark or has a burnt odor, it is far beyond time for a change. Part of the job of your oil and filter is to manage and remove impurities in your engine while keeping it lubricated. Old oil can actually have the opposite effect.

Heating and Cooling System

Very expensive repairs can be the result of not maintaining your car’s cooling system. This includes keeping clean coolant in your radiator and having it flushed at least bi-annually. Check for leaks and hoses that may be brittle. You want to make sure there is an appropriate water/coolant mix. If you notice a rise in temperature or see even a small water leak from your radiator, have your car looked at quickly. An overheated engine can cause expensive engine block problems and even terminal engine failure.


Brakes are one of the items people are most likely to deteriorate without repair. There are two initial indications that your brakes need to be checked. The first is if your brake pedal seems to have a different feel to it. Another sign is when you first hear a slight squealing or squeaking sound when braking. This sound is intentionally built into your brake pads to let you know they are wearing thin. Ignoring this sound could lead to more expensive repairs like rotor replacement.


Tire wear can happen so gradually, many don’t pay attention to it. Properly maintaining tire pressure is the easiest thing an owner can do to maximize tire wear. If you begin to notice unusual wear, take your car in and have the alignment checked. While there are potentially several causes for tire wear, it is usually due to poor wheel alignment. Getting the issue resolved quickly will let allow your tires to last longer.

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is there for a reason. Don’t ignore it. While many times your check engine light may go on for some minor reason, it may also foretell of bigger problems ahead.

Transmission and Transmission Fluid

Many transmission problems can be avoided with regular inspections and filter and fluid replacement. Some have a fear of having their transmission checked because repairs can be expensive. It, however, is far better to head off problems early than to have it result in a transmission rebuild or replacement.

maintenanceIt can be very helpful to find an auto repair shop you can trust and who can get to know you and your
car. In Frederick, MD, that auto shop is Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions. We are a Total Car Care Facility. That means, from oil changes to transmission repair and replacements we can handle it all. We are a family owned and operated company that is built on trust and integrity. We are a Maryland State Inspection Facility. We pride ourselves, and are grateful for, our large number of loyal customers who continue to return to us through the years.

If you have allowed your vehicle to get in a state of disrepair, bring it in to Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions. We will take a look and work with you to get it back in shape. We will prioritize the needed repairs and help you schedule them to fit your budget. Keep your car maintained and help avoid the major repairs.

If you live in the Frederick, MD area and are looking for trustworthy car care, contact Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions. We look forward to serving you.