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Frederick, MD Things to Consider Before Pulling a Camper

Things to Consider Before Pulling a Camper

Things to Consider Before Pulling a Camper

Ah, the summer. It’s the perfect time to jump in the car, hitch the camper, and set off for wide open spaces. Here’s the thing though, if you’ve never pulled a camper, then there are some pretty serious things you need to consider before you pull out of the driveway. Let’s take a look.

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Let’s Start with Some Safety Talk

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of your vehicle, let’s talk a little bit about driving with a trailer hitched to the back. Adding a camper to your truck or SUV is going to change the way you drive quite a bit. For example, sudden stops are going to be out of the question. So, you need to make sure that you’re driving slowly and safely. You should also take some time to make sure that everything is properly attached to your vehicle and that all cargo is secured before you pull out onto the road.

Especially if you’re going on a long trip, you should check the tires and lights on the camper to ensure that they’re working properly. You wouldn’t want to find this out when you’re halfway to Tuscon.

Check Your Brakes Before You Go

Before you set out, you should take your vehicle to get the brakes inspected. Driving with a camper or trailer is going to be more dangerous than driving normally and you need to trust your brakes implicitly. Something important to note is that you should not ride your brakes too hard while you’re driving with a camper or trailer. Doing so might overheat them, which can result in jackknifing. Jackknifing is a serious event for anyone with a hitched trailer and should be avoided at all costs.

Check All of Your Tires

Even if you’re a seasoned camper-hauler, you should always check your tires before you head out on your journey. After all, you have more tires than you usually do and failure in any of them could lead to disaster. So, make sure that all of the tires on your vehicle and camper are properly inflated and that they aren’t showing signs of wear or damage.

Check Your Connections

One of the most important parts of hauling a trailer is ensuring a stable, strong connection. If that connection is not properly managed, then you can run into some serious problems on the road such as the camper coming un-hitched, and nobody wants that. If you notice your vehicle sagging under the weight of the trailer or camper, then you should address this right away before you head out.

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions Can Get You Ready

Before you head out on that road trip, bring your vehicle into Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions. We’ll make sure that you’re ready to ride safely, no matter your destination. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help and to set up an appointment.