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Frederick, MD What are Shocks?

What are Shocks?

What are Shocks?

What are Shocks and What Do They Do?

Shocks make your car drive smoother. Shocks, also know as shock absorbers, are an absolutely vital aspect of your vehicle’s continued functionality. Their sole job is to absorb the bumps and imperfections of the road so that your vehicle doesn’t rattle apart going down the road.

what are shocks and what do they do

Sure, you may feel it when you drive over a pothole. But, think about all the bumps, hills, and crevices you drive over each and every day. Why don’t you feel those to a larger extent? The answer is shock absorbers. These are an important part of your vehicle that help to ease your driving experience, making it more comfortable and safer in every respect.

Are you curious about how shock absorption works? Let your local Frederick auto mechanic explain.

What is a Shock Absorber?

When you drive over a pothole or something similar, it creates what is called kinetic energy. This energy travels into your vehicle. Without a way to absorb and disperse this energy, the ride would be incredibly uncomfortable, your tires could even lose contact with the road, and your vehicle would rattle itself apart.

How Do the Shocks on my Car Work?

A shock absorber works by using springs in conjunction with a hydraulic system. When your car hits a bump, hydraulic fluid is forced through tiny holes of the piston, which slows the piston and then slows your car’s spring movement. In essence, the shock absorber is absorbing kinetic energy and dispersing it so the impact on your vehicle is much less.

How To Tell if Your Shocks are Worn Too Thin

Now that you know how important shocks are, you’re probably wondering how to maintain them. Like any part of your vehicle, your shocks must be regularly inspected by your local auto service center. However, there are a few warning signs you’ll want to be aware of in case your shocks are experiencing an issue:

  • Mild gusts blow your car. If you need to correct your car’s trajectory during mild gusts, this could have to do with poor shock absorption. Worn out shocks will not be able to adequately absorb a mild gust quick enough so that you don’t notice.
  • Vibrating, rocking, and rattling. These noises while driving are signs your shocks aren’t functioning properly. Obviously, with any noise such as these it’s best to bring your vehicle into your local Frederick, MD auto repair specialist right away.
  • Uneven tire wear. If you replaced your tires all at the same time, and only one or two is wearing to a significant degree before the others, it’s possible you could be having an issue with your shocks. This is one reason to have your regular mechanic always replace your tires for you. Your mechanic can spot any abnormal wear on your tires and notify you of these concerns.

In short, your shocks are important, and require just as much attention as other aspects of your vehicle. If you suspect you are experiencing a problem with your vehicle’s shocks, head to your local Frederick, MD shock repair service. Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions, we have extensive experience in dealing with vehicle suspensions and shocks. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at 301-662-5100, today!