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Frederick, MD What Difference Does it Make What Type of Oil I Use for My Vehicle?

What Difference Does it Make What Type of Oil I Use for My Vehicle?

What Difference Does it Make What Type of Oil I Use for My Vehicle?

You have plenty of choices when it comes to car motor oil. With a wide range of products, there comes a wide range of prices. With some motor oil being more expensive than others, people tend to ask if the type of oil they use really matters. The short answer is yes, it does. Since the engine is the heart of all gasoline cars, and the motor oil is the blood, it’s safe to say that the engine’s lifeblood matters.

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Why is Quality Motor Oil Important? 

There are three main reasons why quality motor oil is important:


  1. It Saves You Money on Repairs

Quality motor oil has the potential to save you money on repairs. That’s because better oil means a lower likelihood of something going wrong. If you have an oil-related problem, it usually means an expensive repair. It’s not unusual to need to replace a transmission or an engine because cheap oil was used.


  1. It Lasts Longer

Quality motor oil lasts longer than cheap motor oil. Like all machines, your car has moving parts. And just like other machines with moving parts, they wear down and need to be replaced eventually. Quality oil keeps these moving parts lubricated and therefore slows down the process of them wearing down. 


  1. It Can Improve Performance

Quality motor oil can also improve your vehicle’s performance since all the parts of the engine run more smoothly. If all the parts in your vehicle’s engine are running smoothly, it means a more responsive car and better fuel economy. Just think, there’s a reason why high-performance vehicles require the best oil and top-of-the-line performative oil additives. 


How Does Motor Oil Differ?

One of the first things you should be on the lookout for when looking at different motor oils is viscosity. It’s usually referred to as the numbers on the cans of motor oil, such as 10W 30 or 5W 20. Since viscosity changes with temperature, motor oil manufacturers list the first number as the viscosity in the winter and the second number in the summer. There is no best viscosity. Look at your vehicle’s owner’s manufacturer to see the recommended viscosity.


Next, motor oil varies by material. The cheapest kind of motor oil is made out of mineral oil. This type of oil will lubricate your car, but is not treated. That means many impurities can build up and damage your engine. The next grade above mineral oil is synthetic blend oils. This type of oil is less expensive than synthetic oil but is of higher quality than mineral oil. Lastly, there is a synthetic oil that’s specifically designed for high-mileage vehicles. This kind of oil contains additives that help preserve and extend the life of the vehicle. 


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