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Frederick, MD What Does ASE Certified Mean?

What Does ASE Certified Mean?

What Does ASE Certified Mean?

ASE certification, or Automotive Service Excellence certification, is a certification granted to an automotive technician who has completed the required training and obtained their Automotive Service Excellence Certified Master Technicians requirements. Here at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions, we take great pride in the fact that all of our technicians are ASE-certified. Keep reading to learn more about this certification. 

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What is Automotive Service Excellence Certification (ASE)?

ASE is short for the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. It’s an independent nonprofit organization that was founded in 1972. The organization’s mission is “To serve the transportation industry as an independent third party that upholds and promotes high standards of service and repair through the assessment, certification and credentialing of current and future industry professionals.”


Why Does ASE Exist?

ASE was founded to protect the automotive service consumer, shop owner, and automotive technician. They test and certify automotive professionals so that the shop owners and customers can better gauge a technician’s level of expertise before hiring them to work on their vehicle. The certification is one tangible way to prove their technical knowledge. 


How Does ASE Certification Work?

Automotive technicians who are certified by ASE are considered prime candidates for auto repair shops. To become ASE-certified, a mechanic must complete a vigorous ASE Certification test and have two or more years of on-the-job training. Or, the mechanic must complete the ASE certification test and have one year of on-the-job training and a two-year degree in automotive repair. A mechanic must retest every five years to remain certified. 


ASE Master Certification

Auto mechanics can take it a step further and become an ASE Master Certified Mechanic. This certification involves passing multiple exams that over a large number of vehicle aspects, such as:

  • Collision repair
  • Engine mechanics
  • Medium truck repair
  • Truck equipment
  • Various forms of transit buses

All of these exams must be passed to receive the ASE Master Certification, and they must be retaken every five years to maintain certification.


Why Does ASE-Certification Matter?

ASE-Certification is important because a customer can expect to receive high-quality service from their certified mechanic. Customers trust the ASE-certification seal because they know their vehicle will be in good hands since the mechanic has the experience and has passed a rigorous exam. ASE-Certification is not only good for consumers but also shop owners since they know they’re hiring quality mechanics. 


ASE-Certified Mechanics in MD

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions has plenty of ASE-Certified mechanics. Since 1971, Ken’s has hired only high-quality mechanics and ensures that all of our mechanics remain certified. Bring your car in today to have it serviced by industry experts. Click here to schedule an appointment.