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Frederick, MD What Does it Mean to Have a ‘Fluid Flush’ on my Car?

What Does it Mean to Have a ‘Fluid Flush’ on my Car?

What Does it Mean to Have a ‘Fluid Flush’ on my Car?

There are a variety of different maintenance checks that your vehicle requires throughout its life in order to avoid major issues and prevent premature breakdown. One of those is commonly referred to as a ‘fluid flush‘. Let’s take a look at what this auto service does for your vehicle, and why you should schedule one this year.

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What is a Fluid Flush?

Your car has many components that rely on different fluids in order to operate properly and keep you safe on the road. Refilling or topping off some of these fluids can be performed at your regular maintenance inspection or during a routine oil change. However, simply adding certain fluids to your vehicle isn’t always the most efficient way to prevent automotive issues.

Because the fluids in your vehicle can become contaminated, our auto maintenance specialists recommend periodic fluid flushes. During this process, your car’s essential fluids are drained, the systems that hold the fluids are cleaned and rinsed, and brand new fluids are added to your vehicle. This ensures your car is running on clean, contaminant-free fluids at peak performance and efficiency, which makes your driving experiences safer and smoother.

What Fluids Does my Vehicle Use?

While some fluids can be maintained at regular maintenance check-ups, others can benefit from a periodic flush. The primary fluids that your vehicle utilizes include:

Brake Fluid

Your car’s brakes require fluid to operate smoothly, so it’s vital to maintain this fluid and keep it from running out in your vehicle. A brake fluid flush can be performed at certain mileage points in your car’s lifetime and can help to ensure there is no air in your brake lines which can cause failed or delayed braking.

Transmission Fluid

Like your car’s engine system, your transmission is a primary component of your vehicle and therefore requires routine maintenance to prevent common issues that can severely impact driveability. Transmission fluid acts as an essential lubricant for this mechanism and if it becomes contaminated or runs out, transmission failure can occur. To prevent major auto repairs like transmission replacement, talk to your Frederick, MD auto maintenance specialist about getting a transmission fluid flush for your vehicle.

Power Steering Fluid

This hydraulic vehicle fluid is responsible for transmitting power in your steering system and makes it easier for you to turn your steering wheel. Over time, this fluid can break down or become contaminated, sometimes leading to premature power steering pump failure. Though not necessary at every vehicle maintenance appointment, periodic power steering fluid flushes can help keep your steering ability smoother.

Engine Oil

Regular oil changes are necessary to keep your vehicle in proper driving condition. Though motor oil flushing can be performed, it isn’t advisable to have your engine system flushed unless absolutely necessary, since running a cleanser through this component can obstruct the oil pump screen. If you believe you should have your engine flushed, reach out to a Frederick, MD auto repair shop to ensure it is safe for your vehicle.

Your Best Resource for Auto Maintenance in Frederick, MD

Sometimes a burning smell or other recognizable symptoms will be an indication of your vehicle’s need for a fluid flush, but other times an inspection of your car’s systems is necessary in order to determine the condition and contamination level of these fluids. If you haven’t had a fluid flush performed on your vehicle, give the Frederick, MD auto maintenance experts at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions a call.

We provide high-quality fluid flushes, oil changes, and additional vehicle fluid services to drivers throughout the state, so contact us today to get your vehicle running at peak performance and stay safer on the roads this summer.