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Frederick, MD What is That Noise My Car Makes When I Turn the Wheel?

What is That Noise My Car Makes When I Turn the Wheel?

What is That Noise My Car Makes When I Turn the Wheel?

Have you had your car for a while and are now experiencing strange car noises when you turn the wheel? To be clear, noises coming from your steering wheel are not normal. Any noise coming from there suggests that there could be a problem with one or more components of your car. Here are some of the top reasons why noise is coming from the steering wheel.

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Suspension Joints

If you notice the noise creaking, clunking, or popping at low speeds, your vehicle’s suspension joints may be to blame. Your car’s steering knuckles and control arms sustain movement with the help of suspension joints, otherwise known as ball joints. They need constant lubrication, and if they go dry, they will start to make noise and cause your steering wheel to shake.

Dry Jounce Bushing

Your car’s front struts have something called a “jounce bushing” on top of it. They too need regular lubrication as well as regular replacement. When the jounce bushing becomes dry, it will cause creaking and groaning sounds to occur when turning the steering wheel. These sounds only get worse the longer you wait to resolve the problem.

CV Joints

If you notice a crunching or clicking noise at high speeds, there may be a problem with your car’s constant velocity (CV) joints. These are used to connect your car’s transmission to the wheels. If they become damaged, it can cause various types of noises and cause the car to vibrate.

Bad Struts and Shocks

Although your car’s struts and shocks can last a long time, once they do go bad, they can cause problems for your car. The first sign of a problem with your struts and shocks is noise whenever you turn your steering wheel. If the problem isn’t fixed immediately, it can eventually cause your car to start bouncing.

Power Steering System

Noises that occur at normal speeds can indicate a problem with your power steering system. If you’re hearing screeching or whining noises, the fix can sometimes be as simple as adding more fluid. But other times, you may need more extensive repair.

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