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Frederick, MD When Do I Need a Maryland State Inspection for My Vehicle?

When Do I Need a Maryland State Inspection for My Vehicle?

When Do I Need a Maryland State Inspection for My Vehicle?

Before registering your vehicle in Maryland, it’s important to have it thoroughly inspected. If your vehicle fails Maryland’s safety inspection, which is rare, you have 30 days from the inspection date and up to 1,000 miles to repair the vehicle and have it re-inspected. If you wait over a month or put more than 1000 miles on the car, the vehicle will need to get a complete inspection again. Here is what you need to know about Maryland’s state inspection.

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When to Have Your Vehicle Inspected

There are only two instances when Maryland requires you to have your vehicle inspected:

  1. You just moved to Maryland, and your vehicle is registered in another state
  2. You just bought or received a used/new vehicle

When you first move to Maryland, you have 60 days to register your vehicle. In order to register your vehicle, it must pass the Maryland state inspection. If you just bought or received a used vehicle, you have 90 days to have your car inspected and registered. Even if the used vehicle has passed the state inspection this year, you still need to have it re-inspected because the certification has an expiration of 90 days.

What Kinds of Vehicles are Required to be Inspected?

To register and drive your vehicle in Maryland, you must have a recent safety inspection certificate to get permanent registration. You can still title the car without a safety inspection and get a temporary registration without a safety inspection.

These vehicles will require an inspection to get a permanent registration:

  • Passenger cars
  • Light trucks and SUVs weighing 10,000 pounds or less
  • Trailers that are 20 feet in length or less without air brakes

Where to Schedule Your Inspection

When it’s time to have your vehicle inspected, make sure you go to an inspection station that is authorized by Maryland, since the Maryland Vehicle Administration only accepts certificates from authorized locations. Like everything else, there are good stations, and there are bad ones. Be sure to do your research to find a reputable local inspection station before bringing your vehicle in.

What Happens During a Maryland Vehicle Inspection?

When you bring your car into an inspection station, the inspector will look at different parts of your vehicle, such as brakes, steering, lights, exhaust, safety belts, etc. On average, a comprehensive MD inspection takes anywhere between one to two hours once the mechanic begins to work on the vehicle. Once they have finished inspecting your vehicle, the mechanic will issue you a report that states whether or not it has passed, as well as what may or may not need to be examined further. The pass or fail notice is also submitted electronically to the MVA.

An Authorized MD Inspection Station

When it’s time to have your vehicle inspected, bring it to Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions. We are an authorized MD inspection station, and have auto mechanics who know what to look for and can help prepare your vehicle for the state inspection.

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