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Frederick, MD Why Auto Repairs are More Complicated with Technology

Why Auto Repairs are More Complicated with Technology

Why Auto Repairs are More Complicated with Technology

Today’s cars can do an array of cool things. Modern vehicles can drive themselves, provide directions, pair with your smart devices, monitor your blind spot, and much more. While all these cool features have made it easier to drive your vehicle, it certainly has not made repairing your car easier. Since today’s cars are equipped with an array of modern technology, it makes repairs more complicated. Here is why. 


Why Auto Repairs are More Complicated with Technology


More Cameras

Modern cars are equipped with cameras throughout the vehicle. There are cameras on dashboards, doors, bumpers, and occasionally on other parts of the vehicle. Whenever a car is involved in an accident, no matter what part of the vehicle that was affected, there’s a camera that needs to be considered. So not only will the area need to be repaired, but its camera will need to be seamlessly integrated into the area for it to work properly. This requires not only knowledge of how to put together and take apart a vehicle but computer knowledge too. 


Advanced Building Materials

Unlike cars built in the 1900s, cars today are constructed out of advanced materials such as aluminum, magnesium alloys, composites, and high-strength steel. Older cars were constructed using things like steel and iron, therefore making it easier to repair any damages. The materials that make up modern vehicles are much more durable and harder to work with. Newer materials cannot be repaired easily, and when they are repaired, it requires more labor. 


Automatic Brake Systems

Most newer cars are equipped with automatic braking. While this technology is helpful for drivers to remain safe on the road, it makes it harder to repair brakes. This safety feature involves more labor and more advanced technology to fix. That is because, inside your vehicle, multiple computers are working together to activate the automatic brakes. When you repair or replace these brakes, they have to be integrated into the system again.


More Sophisticated Electronics

Overall, modern cars have more sophisticated electronics underneath their hood. No matter what type of car you drive, if it was manufactured within the past ten years, you can expect to see more advanced technology than vehicles manufactured over ten years ago. This includes things like: 

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Connectivity 
  • Human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Data Analytics

These things affect car repairs, making them more time-consuming and more expensive.


Making Car Repairs As Simple as Can Be

While car repairs are getting more complicated, the auto mechanics at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions make it simpler. With convenient online scheduling, key drop-off, and transparent digital reports, we pride ourselves on being able to provide honest and simple car repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.