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Frederick, MD Winter Tires Vs. All-Season Tires

Winter Tires Vs. All-Season Tires

Winter Tires Vs. All-Season Tires

Without tires, your car isn’t going anywhere. Without the proper tires for the season, you can still get from place to place, but it might not be as safe as you’d hope. Today we’re going to be discussing the difference between winter tires and all-season tires and why it matters. Let’s take a look.

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Winter Tires are Meant for Winter

As you may expect, winter tires are designed to handle winter conditions. Snow and ice can be treacherous for your vehicle, but winter tires can help grip the road and steer safer. They can improve braking performance on ice and snow as well, which can be invaluable.

Part of what makes them so great for snow is their flexibility at low temperatures. The rubber used in winter tires is softer, allowing them to grip the roadway better. They also have “biting edges” to help them stay connected to the road.

On some snow tires, you may see little pin holes. These pin holes are meant for studs, which you can add. However, studs are prohibited in the state of Maryland in all counties except Allegheny, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett, and Washington. In those counties, they are only permitted from November 1st to March 31st. Studs can offer more traction, but they also damage roadways and are heavily regulated, so proceed with caution.

Though winter tires are great for slippery conditions, they’re not suited for the warmer seasons. Winter tires can wear out a lot faster during the warmer months, so if you get them installed during the cold, make sure to switch them back once the season is over.

All-Season Tires are All-Around Solutions

For a balanced experience, the all-season tires are what you’re looking for. They’re not as effective at handling freezing temperatures, but they can get you by in a pinch. All-season tires are designed for providing a comfortable driving experience with decent durability for a long tread-life.

The treads on these tires are meant for dry, warm roadways. Taking them out on a snowy day may not be advisable.

Are You Looking for Snow Tires in Frederick, MD?

Before the snow starts falling, get your vehicle outfitted with top of the line winter tires. Here at Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions, we will make sure that your vehicle is well cared for in our Tire Service Center. We also offer a Tire Protection Plan for any unforeseen problems that may arise from various road hazards.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to get your car outfitted with winter tires.