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Frederick, MD Can Winter Salt on the Roads Damage My Car?

Can Winter Salt on the Roads Damage My Car?

Can Winter Salt on the Roads Damage My Car?

Winter conditions aren’t kind to your car. In particular, the salt that’s applied to roads after a snowstorm isn’t kind to your car. Road salt is helpful for melting ice and creating safer driving conditions. But, on the downside, road salt can damage your car. Keep reading to discover some of the ways salt can damage your car and what you can do to protect it.

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Road salt contains chemicals that can corrode your car. When these chemicals come into contact with water and the metal on your car, it causes a chemical reaction that leads to rust. The paint on your car usually protects it from rust. However, if that paint is damaged and exposes bare metal underneath, it creates the perfect environment for rust to form. This is why rust usually starts on bare metal fasteners and suspension components underneath the car.

Why is Rust Bad?

Rust may seem like only an aesthetic issue, but in reality, it’s a bigger problem than that. Rust dissolves away metal, and since cars are composed primarily of metal, rust can create significant structural damage. It makes metal weaker and destroys connections inside the car. Over time, rust will make your car unsafe to drive.

How to Protect Your Car

After a snowstorm, your car is bound to encounter road salt. But, here’s how you can protect your car from corrosion from road salt:

Wax Your Car Before Winter

A good quality wax will protect your car’s paint job throughout the winter. Wax becomes difficult to spread on a car in colder temperatures, and that’s why it’s recommended to wax your car in the fall. This added layer of protection will ensure that rust doesn’t have the opportunity to penetrate your car and create rust.

Wash Your Car Frequently

During the winter, wash your car frequently to get rid of any salt that has latched onto your vehicle. Also, wash your car as soon as possible after every snow or ice storm. At a maximum, wash your car every ten days.

Get An Undercoating Treatment

Since rust is likely to form underneath your car before anywhere else, you can take the extra step for protecting this specific area. An undercoating treatment entails spraying wax or rubber-based composite onto the entire underside of the car. It will create a rust-proof layer between the car and the road.

Here for Your Car All Winter Long

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions is here for all of your car repair needs this winter. Whether you need to repair your engine or want high-quality auto maintenance service in MD, we’re always here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.