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371 W. Patrick St. | Frederick, MD 21701

Fuel Pump Repair

Fuel Pump Repair

Having the automotive experts at Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions replace your fuel pump will make your vehicle run more efficiently.

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Frederick, MD Fuel Pump Repair Service

What Does a Fuel Pump Do?

Your vehicle’s fuel pump is essential to the normal operation of your vehicle. This part, long story short, bring fuel from the fuel tank to your carburetor which mixes the fuel with air before adding it to the engine. Needless to say, without the fuel pump, your vehicle would not run.

Signs of a Bad Fuel Pump

Wondering if you have a bad fuel pump? There are a few signs of a problematic fuel pumps which can lead to future issues. If you are experiencing any of the following problems with you vehicle, bring your vehicle into your local Frederick, MD auto mechanic today:

  • Engine Sputtering
  • Engine Won’t Start
  • High Engine Temperatures
  • Random Surging Forward
  • Decrease in MPG
  • Loss of Power When Climbing a Hill or Towing

Comprehensive Fuel Pump Replacement

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions offers complete fuel pump diagnosis and fuel pump replacement in Frederick, MD. Typically the labor which goes into this type of service is one of the more costly parts of the job and the pump itself isn’t expensive. So we will most commonly replace the fuel pump to ensure you have good working parts.

Your Trusted Frederick, MD Exhaust Service Shop

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions has served Frederick, MD since 1968. Over the years, we’ve seen every issue you can imagine when it comes to fuel pump replacement in Frederick, MD. In addition to our years of local experience, Ken’s Automotive and Transmissions is also a certified ATI shop—which puts us in the top 2% of the national automotive industry!

For more information on our fuel pump replacement services, or to schedule an appointment, give Ken’s Automotive & Transmission a call today at 301-662-5100 or you can schedule an appointment with our online form.

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