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Frederick, MD How to Check Your Car’s Battery

How to Check Your Car’s Battery

How to Check Your Car’s Battery

When it comes to your car, out of sight definitely shouldn’t mean out of mind. Your battery is what allows your car to function and most times you don’t even think about it until there’s a problem. If you think that there’s something wrong with your car’s battery or if you haven’t replaced your car battery in a long time, here’s how to check it properly:

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Perform a Load Test

The load test is a test that anyone can do, even if you don’t know much about vehicle maintenance. It’s simple, and it can help you determine if there is indeed a problem with your car’s battery. The steps to completing a load test are as follows:

  1. While your engine is off, turn on your headlights
  2. Keep them on for 10-15 minutes
  3. After 10-15 minutes, turn your car on
  4. Pay attention to the brightness of your headlights

If your headlights dim after the car is turned on, there could very well be a problem with your battery.

Check for Corrosion

If you have an older battery, it’s not unusual to see corrosion buildup. Over time, this corrosion releases hydrogen gas that will cause your battery to work harder and eventually cause it to die more quickly. If your battery does have a small amount of corrosion, it can be cleaned off using household products like baking soda. If there are significant amounts of corrosion or the buildup has been there for a long time, your best bet is to have your battery replaced.

Listen for Clicks

When you turn your car on, are you hearing clicking sounds instead of the usual “vroom” of the engine starting? If it’s a constant clicking, it could mean something is wrong with your car’s battery. It’s not a definite, but it’s a good indicator that you should bring your car into a Frederick, MD repair shop to have it checked out.

Have a Trusted Mechanic Check it

The only sure way you can determine that’s wrong with your battery is by having a certified mechanic check it for you. They have the knowledge and tools to conduct the tests and inspections necessary to find out the cause of your car battery issue and implement an effective solution.

Keep Your Car Running Smoothly this Year

Ken’s Automotive & Transmissions is here for all of your auto repair needs in Frederick, MD. Whether you need someone to check your battery or are looking for other maintenance and repairs, we can help. If you suspect something is wrong with your car’s battery, call or contact us today so we can safely get you back on the road.