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Frederick, MD Are You Ready for Winter Driving?

Are You Ready for Winter Driving?

Are You Ready for Winter Driving?

Regardless of how you feel about winter weather, no one wants to drive in it. Snow and ice might be beautiful, but they hold danger and peril for those on the road, and it takes some effort to combat it. Fighting against nasty driving conditions is no easy task. However, it can be done so long as you know a few tips and tricks.

Here are some helpful hints that will aid you when you must drive in wintry conditions.

Are You Ready for Winter Driving

Gas Tank

Keep your gas tank filled above halfway at all times. It might be tedious, but it can also save your life should you be introduced to a survival situation. If you are stranded in the snow, your car’s heat will be vital.

There’s also the possibility you’ll be stuck in unexpected traffic, and you won’t be able to fill up your tank when you need to. Therefore, keeping that tank filled above halfway will make a serious difference.

Keep a Winter Safety Kit

A winter safety kit is something you can keep in the trunk of your car so it’s available when you need it. The contents should include water, small snacks, kitty litter, flashlights, batteries, blankets, and whatever else you think might be helpful.

Additionally, ensure you always have a snow brush and scraper in your vehicle, as you never know when you might need it. If you don’t want to use sand or kitty litter to give you traction in a slippery situation, your car mats will work just as well.

Stick to Main Roads

If it’s possible, driving only on main roads can help to keep you safe. Getting stranded on a major parkway is not as life-threatening as being stranded down a dark country road. If you know that the main roads are going to extend your commute, give yourself more time to drive. Having more time also allows you to focus on safety.

When driving in poor conditions, you need more time to stop. Be sure there’s plenty of room between you and the person in front of you. Stay clear of trucks, as well. They have a much harder time coming to a stop, and rely on you to keep yourself safe.

Drive With Headlights

Even if it’s during the day, you should always drive with headlights on. It easily alerts other drivers of your presence. If the weather gets bad, and your headlights are off, you might not remember to flick them on, making you nearly invisible on the road. Headlights are vital in that they can shine through the snow and create a safer driving environment for everyone.

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